Cheryl Cole Net Worth

As you already know, Cheryl Cole is one the hottest English singers and all around stars for that matter, and she first saw a great deal of success and exposure while with the pop group Girls Aloud, and more recently with her solo album entitled 3 Words, and her work on television.

With all this success at such an early point in her career and life, i can only imagine how much money shes worth, well i did imagine, until i searched out her actual net worth.

The current estimation is just under $10 million buckaroos!

Cheryl Cole Plastic Surgery

What does everyone think about the Cheryl Cole plastic surgery rumors? Well, not exactly surgery but some type of lip injections or augmentation of sorts.

From the looks of this picture, I'd say the rumors are true and its really unfortunate that she decided to alter her already stunning beauty.

I have a feeling this wasn't her idea to begin with, and perhaps she was talked into it by her handlers. And if that is in fact the case, she really needs to reevaluate the people she is getting advice from. Because this was completely unnecessary.


Cheryl Cole Dating Derek Hough?

Cheryl Cole has partnered up with Derek Hough for next seasons dancing with the stars competition, so naturally these two will be spending a lot of time close together.

What are the chances these two actually spark a relationship and start dating?

You gotta admit, they look pretty cute together!

Cheryl Cole Shoe Size

We are all well aware that Cheryl Cole is a rather petite young lady, however i imagine many people have no idea what her shoe size, until now!

Cheryl Cole shoe size is 5.5 on the UK size chart.

I'm not fully certain what that translates to in the US, perhaps someone can assist me on that one.


Cheryl Cole Sunglasses

Get a load of bombshell Cheryl Cole while donning a pair of stylish Alexander McQueen sunglasses, which are called AMQ 4129.

Now this is the absolute perfect match for Cheryl Cole, they fit her like a clove!

I would consider snatching up a pair of these sunglasses myself, however they go for around $350. Just slightly out of my price range...


Cheryl Cole Height

I think its fair to say that everyone loves a little trivia from time to time, and what better kind than Cheryl Cole trivia?

Tonight bit of information is the actual height of Cheryl Cole!

And now the moment you've been waiting for...Cheryl Cole is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Ok, maybe it wasn't the best piece of trivia ever, but I'm sure many Cheryl Cole fans will appreciate the answer.


Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Cheryl Cole is obviously one of the most beautiful women in the entire world, and another thing she is great at is choosing marvelously sleek and sexy hairstyles.

She has been spotted in just about every hairstyle imaginable, and she always looks fabulous.

Here we have a small picture collection of some great Cheryl Cole hairstyles, including the sexy fringe and blonde highlights.